Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Musical Style & Inspiration

If you listen to Lighting the Dark you can hear different musical styles in my music. Many of those songs were written between five to ten years ago. A lot of the influence that you can apparently hear would be the bands that my father raised me on - Rolling Stones, Neil Young and a little Clapton, mostly. If you hear other influences, I would be very curious to know what you are hearing. I also believe that the producer, Johnny Rod, added a little of his own flavor as well during the recording; he would make suggestions, have me try a few additional takes with varying styles, and so forth.

What is intriguing me is that the new album, albeit much more acoustic in focus (so far I'm planning zero electric guitar; likely to have some - if not all - electric bass), seems to sound quite a bit different. Granted, LTD was released about five years ago, so I am a different musician now. Yet... I have to wonder if my toying around with cover songs from different artists - Foo Fighters, Tom Petty, Jimi Hendrix, John Mellancamp - is making that big of a difference in the new music. If you hear any of the demos, I'm curious about what you think. Go over to TinyBlueMusic.com and use one of the contact methods (Facebook, email, Twitter) to shoot me a line.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheese Fries and Chardonnay

The most unusual things can seem to inspire ideas for new music. Dropping by my favorite diner the other night, one of the girls who works there dropped by off-shift to just hang out and grab a bite to eat. She sat down and asked for a glass of Chardonnay. Then she proceeded to order a plate of cheese fries. There she said, laughing, smiling, working on her laptop, and eating cheese friends while drinking a glass of white wine. The picture is etched quite firmly in my mind. Two things that you would just *not* find to work together... and apparently, when she needed a smile, cheese fries and chardonnay did the trick. It got me to thinking about a lot of other things that might not seem to go together, and yet they do. Just like cheese fries and chardonnay. Yeah, there's a good chance you'll hear that on the new album.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


A few years ago I started a band named "Testing Chester" that featured the amazing guitar work of Mike DiMartino, two different bassists - the thunderous Paul Owen and technical Doug Johnston - and an idiot on drums. Idiot aside, we put together a five song acoustic album, all originals, all my tunes. One of these happened to be a song named "Grams" that I wrote for my much missed grandmother, my father's mother. Unfortunately, nothing much ever happened with that album, "Pleased to Meet You" as we only put together about 50-100 copies, never put it online, and only performed one of the songs on the album - About a Girl - with any regularity.

What I have decided is that the new album will feature a re-recorded version of "Grams" and will feature my father as the lead guitarist. It was, after all, his mother that I wrote the song about. For those who want to hear the original version, it is the second song the music player on the TinyBlueMusic.com music page.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Big Kids

I talk a lot about my little cousins. "Hailey Girl" was written for my then 8 month old, now 6 year old cousin Hailey, and became my top selling mp3 on iTunes. You can see for yourself, if you like: Gary Bloom on iTunes

Thing is, before my older cousins gave me little munchkins to write about (note: before deciding on the current acoustic album, I had started on another album in which 5 little ones had songs), I had two younger cousins. Now legally adults, and college kids, they aren't so little anymore. Yet, I've written songs for both of them for the new album.

Erica's "Little Rikki" was written a little longer ago. It deals more with her youth, in which she was my little ball of energy. Giggling, laughing, electric, she was a smile a minute. The title harkens to a nickname that I never quite got to calling her, but I always wanted to as a small fry. Consider it an inside joke between the two girls and I that you are now privy to.

Deena's "Simple D" was actually written today. I have been trying to come up with a counter balance for a long time, and scrapped many previous attempts, mostly because I couldn't seem to cast into D's munchkin life as easily as I could Rikki's. Credit can go to Slash and his new album, specifically his song "Promise" which features Chris Cornell. The two songs don't even resemble each other, I don't think, but a long walk with my mp3 player in (no, it's not an iPod) and Slash in my ears, helped the inspiration.

Deena, in her elder years, has proven to be both sympathetic and empathetic - and an occasional pain in my ass, as little cousins are want to be. So, I included all of that in the song. I focused on the fact that she truly seems to understand and care about others, leaving people feeling better than when she found them... and the song flew so quickly out of my fingers and my voice box, that I wrote and recorded the demo version in just three hours!

Expectations are to have both songs on the music page of TinyBlueMusic.com along with the other free downloads and tracks, as soon as the two girls have actually heard their songs first. And since my Simple D came first, she gets to hear hers first (sorry kiddo, if you're reading this: the oldest needs SOME perks).

So here is a good nod to two of the ladies that I love most in the world. Soon, they will be forever immortalized in music.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tracks on the Next Album

While Lighting the Dark is still out there - http://cdbaby.com/garybloom if you don't have your copy - I'm moving closer towards the new album. Let's tentatively call it Flashlight. Five songs have been recorded in demo version and five more (at least) are slated to come through. I'm also going to definitely re-record "Grams" - the song that I wrote for my father's mother, which landed on the album I did with Testing Chester ("Pleased to Meet You") - and put that on the new CD. So, we may or may not go with all 10 songs... I might check out more than I need, and whittle down with some help. More on this as it comes.