Sunday, November 28, 2010

Life Echoing Music

December first marks the end of my "Listeners Choose the Songs" album concept. (If you still wanted to go out and vote on which songs I'll be using, check out ) If you've been to the page, or even if you haven't, you will likely find the new CD to be a bit "happier" and less darkened than my first offering. My intent will be to start recording early in December. The reason that I have allowed people to help me whittle down the number of songs is that I genuinely couldn't decide. These are a little more fun, a little more upbeat, a little more tongue and cheek, some of the recovery and rebuilding nature... and, alright, one revenge song. Life has actually turned into a bit of a better place, and while I will always have something to color my music a shade of blue (there are some elements of my past that aren't the most joyous), I wanted my current positives in life to start echoing into my music. Stay tuned for an announcement this week on the album title - one that will reflect this nature.

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