Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Music Changes Quickly

Just a few days after I post about which songs were garnering what vote, people stepped in to make a change. That's a bit impressive. Have you voted yet?

The reminder, one more time, for those who haven't a clue: I recorded 14 demo songs to fill the remaining 9 slots on my new album. You can listen to the songs here and then go to the voting page. You decide which songs will be re-recorded for the new album. One voter will win a free copy of the new album (must put in an email address).

So the other day I discussed where the music is so far. Funny enough, things have changed a bit. We still have the same number one song - Little Rikki has the most votes, and is apparently guaranteed to make the album. We do have a new number two, though: Almost Right. There was, for lack of a better phrase, a voting explosion to try and get the song on the new album.

Who else is higher up on the list? Unless there is a vast shift, "Your Anytime" and "Simple D" are on the road to making the cut.

Ahhh, but then we have the current "losers" as it were. "Reluctant Hero" is a song that I happened to really like, but unfortunately, it's not getting a lot of love. Granted, the sample set isn't enormous, but this is also the reason that I'm holding the voting. If "Reluctant Hero" stays this low in the voting, that's proof of two things: 1) It should not go on the album 2) It needs a little reworking. I definitely wish folks would add a little more feedback when voting, but this is a good start.

"Sweet Dreams" and "Across the Line" were two songs that I nearly expected to be shoe-ins. "Sweet Dreams" actually initially debuted on The Gumbo Show with Joe, on Internet radio. It had favorable feedback then... and yet, the current crop of voters haven't listed it as a favorite. Perhaps that, too, will change.

Everything else is in something of a middle crunch. A little separation at the top, a little at the bottom, but a whole lot in the middle. I'm curious to see if this will turn out to be a more blues oriented album, ballad driven, pop styled or if some of the heavier songs will be picked up. The entire album will be acoustic, and all of the winning songs will be re-recorded for the album... but right now, I'm not entirely certain what shape it will take. That's actually kind of exciting. After all, the listeners choose the tunes!

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