Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Musical Freebie

You know, I've gone to shows before and bought the CDs of unsigned or fairly unknown bands and have been happy about it. I absolutely loved The Riddlin Kids (and am bummed they are gone; here a video of I Feel Fine, my favorite RK song). Saw the Spin Doctors, for free, in Boston, and piked up the CD of their opening act, an Atlanta band named Honestly. Their initial album dominated my car CD player for a month or two. Good tune, good times. I also used to check out the now defunct Garageband.com when I was a member. Yes, I was publicizing my own music but I was also looking for new tunes. I'd download mp3s from bands that seemed solid, make a mix CD and toss it in the car, and then go order the albums of a few that really appealed to me. Always, always on the look out for new tunes where I could get them.

What I really loved, though, were the free tunes. A band giving up the free mp3s (like GB.com did, and that's part of why I give up some free mp3s on TinyBlueMusic.com) or even sampler CDs at the music stores. No, I don't mean Best Buy, I mean actual music shops like Sound Traxx II over in Middletown, NY. Sampler disks that would have new bands and established bands, and help you figure out what else you might want to buy. It was fun. Loved it. Love new tunes. So that fueled my next decision.

I already explained in my blast blog posting "You Choose the Tunes" about the new album. The fact that I'm letting listeners decide which of my demo songs will be re-recorded for the new album. Old fashioned voting style (well, except that it's on the Internet, and you get to listen to all of the songs via digital player first, and you can vote multiple times and send the link to your friends to skew the voting towards a song that you like... which my younger cousin is probably doing since one of the songs was inspired by her). The thing with voting these days, though, is that there really isn't anything in it for you. So... I'm putting something in it for you.

The voting is still open: go to the Demo Listening Page and then to the voting page (or over to "You Choose the Tunes" if you want the in-depth explanation first). Then go vote. Be sure to put your email address into the field on the second page. Why? Well I'm going to randomly pick a person (possibly two) and give out a free copy of the new album. If they don't already have a copy of my first release, Lighting the Dark, I'll give them a copy of that too. If they do have it... I'm picking a second person to get copies of both. Because new tunes are cool to have. And I want to be the guy giving the new tunes.

Alright, seriously, why are you still here reading this? Go vote!

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