Sunday, November 14, 2010

Musical Polls: Top Songs So Far

During the election period, it was all about the polls. Who was leading, who was favored, and what not. Well, we've already talked about the fact that I'm allowing people to vote for which songs should go on my new album (the posting You Choose the Tunes). While I haven't decided how long the voting will go for (currently contemplating ending it on December 1st), I can actually talk about how things are going so far, and what interesting things I'm learning about my songs, and what people are hearing.

First, let me say a very big thank you to all of the people who have told me how much they like certain songs, and who have complimented my voice. These were very raw demo songs, no mixing, and I believe I had a cold when I was recording the vocals to about a third of the songs. Just wait until we have a legit mixing, I've gone through 5-10 vocal takes per song (and maybe a dozen guitar track takes) so that the songs are absolutely perfect! My brother, Drummer Dave, has a dominating nature in the studio and an absolute insistence on perfection. He'll have at least a little listen on this before it finishes up, so it's going to be a great Album.

That said, every single song has accrued at least one vote. My hope is that more of you will go ahead and vote - and spread the word - so that we can get some more separation. There is some bunching in the middle... but the top overall song at the moment happens to be "Little Rikki" - a song inspired by my younger cousin Erica. Quite intriguing, truth told, as this is the second time that I threw a simple and fun song on the list, and it became far more popular than I ever expected. The first time? I recorded Hailey Girl for Lighting the Dark (my first album) and it became my top selling song on iTunes in short order. Definitely need to start playing that song live, I'm thinking.

More intriguing to me is the fact that three songs - "Across the Line", "Low Key" and "Reluctant Hero" - all have just one solitary vote. The first one is a song that I wrote about 11 years ago in college for the girl who I eventually moved to Austin, TX to be near. That is another story... and the last time I'd ever be willing to move for love... but I at least thought this might finally be the arrangement that would go on an album. Perhaps not (unless new voters sway that). "Low Key" is something of a better written sequel to "While Jon Drinks" (a song from the first album, ironically written in Austin). It was light hearted, and just a song about hanging with my friends. Strangely, my friends have not piped in for that one... so maybe it winds up on the third album. "Reluctant Hero" was, to me, a journey inside of a song, realizing just how much I did for one person, and drawing myself up to not do so much anymore. To become stronger and more sure of myself. To grow out of some issues. And yet... unless voters step in to change things, it seems as if that is unlikely to make the cut either.

So, of the three, which would I see rallying to make it onto the album? Probably "Low Key" for the surge (but, again, what the heck do I know - didn't expect "Little Rikki" to make such a splash). Now, I suppose, we see if my little cousin gets some of her new college friends to vote her song into unmistakeable top position, if her sister gets "Simple D" to surpass it... or if another song comes up out of nowhere.

How do you listen and vote? Go to where you can listen to the songs, and then vote on your top four choices. One voter will actually win a copy of the new album! Please help the effort and spread the word, promote the URL, and encourage folks to vote on your favorite song!

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