Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rolling Along

I'm just in a Rolling Stones kind of mood this morning. Probably has something to do with the fact that I've been working on Brown Sugar lately. And my recent infatuation with No Expectations. The idea keeps bouncing in my head to just do a compilation of Stones songs... more than just "Sympathy for the Devil" for what it's worth.

Yep... I know... I've got my whole "Listeners Choose The Songs" album concept. If you're new to the concept, I've got 14 demo songs, you get to listen and vote on which songs should be re-recorded as the songs for the album... eh, here's the explanation link from a previous blog article for anyone who hasn't seen it before. I'm also giving away a free copy of the new CD to one of the voters.

If you already read that, know about it, voted, etc, here are some Rolling Stones videos for you to watch. They're cool. Stones are pretty awesome live. Saw them a few years ago. Go ahead and spread the word about the "Listeners Choose the Tunes" website, and these Rolling Stones videos. It's good to share music.

Back to where I started. Rolling Stones mood today. So what if I did do a Stones compilation? Need to check the rules on recording copyrighted material. There is a CDBaby article about that somewhere in my email. So what songs should I do? Sympathy for the Devil, No Expectations and Brown Sugar would probably be given at this point. Where else do I go then? Let's say that I was going to do six songs. Do I roll with old standbys in Jumpin Jack Flash and Start Me Up? More obscure and old with Spider and the Fly, and pull out some of the Stones blues roots? (You did know that the Rolling Stones have blues roots, right? That's what the Black Crowes essentially are - the Blues Stones) Maybe I'd go super recent with something off the most recent album... maybe more mellow with Under My Thumb.

I want your feedback here. Post a comment, tweet at me at @gbbloom or email me at but let me hear your thoughts. Maybe it will turn out that I'd have to do it for free, after all, and then you'd just be getting yourself a Stonesy little album!

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