Monday, November 29, 2010

Winners and Losers

The voting is nearly done, with December first on the horizon. Barring any dramatic changes in voting (one more time: the following four songs will absolutely join "Grams" on my brand new album. Which songs?

Little Rikki - a tune written about the bouncing bundle of happiness that my little cousin Erica happens to be.

Almost Right - a reminder of what happens when you get so close... almost there... and fall just short.

Yours Anytime - a musical open letter from one heart to another.

Simple D - a tribute to Erica's big sister, Deena, and a celebration of the simplicity of how fantastic my first little cousin was, is, and will be, even if the near college grad isn't so little anymore.

It's a good feeling, in my mind, that you selected songs about two of the most important people in my life to appear on this album. It's doubly appreciated as they share the grandmother with me that inspired the song "Grams" - the first tune that was destined for this album. I also like that the songs selected are all a bit more upbeat, and mostly positive slanted.

I'm enormously less surprised that "Jingle My Bells" didn't make the cut. Maybe my little AC/DC modeled tune wasn't quite what my listeners are into, despite prior urgings! Can't blame a fella for trying to skirt outside the usual.

There does seem to be something interesting brewing towards the bottom of the list, but I'll tap into that tomorrow.

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